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TAZICEF - VIAL Instructions For Use (ceftazidime for injection, USP - VIAL)


Tazicef® (ceftazidime for injection, USP)
Instructions for Constitution

Vials: 1 g and 2 g

  1. Insert the syringe needle through the vial closure and inject the recommended volume of diluent. The vacuum may assist entry of the diluent. Remove the syringe needle.
  2. Shake to dissolve; a clear solution will be obtained in 1 to 2 minutes.
  3. Invert the vial. Ensuring that the syringe plunger is fully depressed, insert the needle through the vial closure and withdraw the total volume of solution into the syringe (the pressure in the vial may aid withdrawal). Ensure that the needle remains within the solution and does not enter the headspace. The withdrawn solution may contain some bubbles of carbon dioxide.

Note: As with the administration of all parenteral products, accumulated gases should be expressed from the syringe immediately before injection of Tazicef.

Manufactured by Sandoz GmbH for
Hospira, Inc., Lake Forest, IL 60045, USA


Revised: 06/2020

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