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Pfizer Medical

Pfizer Medical is a personalized digital experience that easily connects healthcare professionals to cross-therapeutic medical content and experts—all in one place. Access scientific information for select Pfizer Medicines and support for patients through one-on-one expertise, data-driven content, and clinical tools.


A Pfizer Medical Information initiative that provides informative topics to support health care professionals in different aspects of their search to make informed treatment decisions.

Pfizer for Professionals provides access to current product information as well as patient education and assistance programs for Pfizer’s prescription medicines. The site is intended for US health care professionals.

Investigator Sponsored Research

Pfizer R&D’s Investigator-Initiated Research program is an incubator for research projects that advance medical and scientific knowledge about our therapies and generates promising medical interventions. This global program is open to all researchers who are interested in conducting their own research.

Pfizer Grants & Contributions

General information and disclosures regarding several grants, contributions and other payments made by Pfizer.

Pfizer Product Pipeline

View Pfizer Pipeline for information about medicines in development.

Pfizer CAReS – Pfizer Compassionate Access Request System

A site where healthcare professionals may submit requests for compassionate access to Pfizer investigational drugs on behalf of patients in their care.

Post-Marketing Commitments

Information about Pfizer’s post marketing commitments for prescription medicines in the US and for medicines approved via the Centralized Authorization Procedure (CAP) in the EU.

Pfizer Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) developed by Pfizer Inc. disclose important information about the safe handling of our medicines that our customers' occupational health and safety specialists can use to protect worker health and comply with applicable laws.


phactMI is a collaboration of pharmaceutical company Medical Information (MI) departments that are dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals in their commitment to provide quality patient care. is a unique portal that provides easy access to the resources of Medical Information departments of phactMI member companies.

AMCP eDossier System

The AMCP eDossier System also known as FormularyDecisions is a centralized, secure, web-based platform that provides qualified Health Care Decision Makers (HCDMs) the opportunity to easily access, review, and evaluate research to make informed, evidence-based decisions.

Pfizer Biosimilars

Find general information about Biosimilars, including the regulatory pathway and manufacturing.

Clinical Trials


Search for actively recruiting studies that you may be able to participate in or learn about new interventions/treatments that are being considered.

Pfizer Clinical Trial Data & Results

Pfizer clinical trial information including data & results, clinical study report synposes, data access requests, and returning clinical data to patients.

Patient Assistance

Pfizer RxPathways®

Pfizer RxPathways® connects eligible patients, regardless of their insurance status, to a range of assistance programs that offer insurance support, co-pay help, and medicines for free or at a savings.

Drug Shortages

FDA Drug Shortages Index

A government resource that provides information about drugshortages and may suggest potential therapeuticalternatives in some instances. The list is not allencompassing. There may be other sources that you finduseful. Pfizer is not responsible for the content containedwithin this external website and makes no representations ofwarranties with respect to such information.

ASHP Drug Shortages

An industry resource that provides information about drug shortages and may suggest potential therapeutic alternatives in some instances. The list is not all encompassing. There may be other sources that you find useful. Pfizer is not responsible for the content contained within this external website and makes no representations of warranties with respect to such information.