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PROTONIX® (pantoprazole sodium) Instructions For Use

Instructions for Use
PROTONIX (pro-TAH-nix)
(pantoprazole sodium)
for delayed-release oral suspension

PROTONIX for delayed-release oral suspension (PROTONIX for oral suspension):

Important information:

  • Do not split, chew, or crush PROTONIX for oral suspension.
  • Take PROTONIX for oral suspension about 30 minutes before a meal.
  • PROTONIX for oral suspension:
    • should only be taken with applesauce or apple juice.
    • should not be mixed in water or other liquids, or other foods.
    • packet should not be divided to make a smaller dose.
    Taking PROTONIX for oral suspension with applesauce:
    1. Open the packet of PROTONIX for oral suspension.
    2. Sprinkle all of the granules in the packet on 1 teaspoon of applesauce.
    3. Swallow the granules and applesauce within 10 minutes of putting the granules on the teaspoon of applesauce.
    4. Take sips of water to make sure the granules are washed down into the stomach. Take more sips of water as needed.
    Taking PROTONIX for oral suspension with apple juice:
    1. Open the packet of PROTONIX for oral suspension.
    2. Empty all of the granules in the packet into a small cup that contains 1 teaspoon of apple juice.
    3. Stir the granules-apple juice mixture for 5 seconds. The granules will not break up.
    4. Swallow the mixture right away.
    5. To make sure that the entire dose is taken, add more apple juice to the cup, stir and swallow the apple juice right away.
    6. Repeat step 5 if there are granules left in the cup.
    Giving PROTONIX for oral suspension through a nasogastric (NG) tube or gastrostomy tube:
    • PROTONIX for oral suspension may be given through an NG tube or gastrostomy tube that is size 16 French or larger. Do not give PROTONIX for oral suspension through an NG tube or gastrostomy tube smaller than size 16 French.
    • Mix PROTONIX for oral suspension only in apple juice when giving through an NG tube or gastrostomy tube.
      1. Remove the plunger from a 60 mL (2 ounce) catheter-tip syringe. Throw away the plunger.
      2. Connect the tip of the catheter-tip syringe to the NG tube or gastrostomy tube.
      3. Hold the syringe attached to the NG tube or gastrostomy tube as high as possible while giving PROTONIX for oral suspension to prevent the tubing from bending.
      4. Open the packet of PROTONIX for oral suspension.
      5. Empty all the granules in the packet into the catheter-tip syringe.
      6. Add 10 mL (2 teaspoons) of apple juice into the catheter-tip syringe and gently tap or shake the syringe to help empty the syringe.
      7. Repeat step 6 at least 2 more times until there are no granules left in the catheter-tip syringe.

How should I store PROTONIX?

Store PROTONIX at room temperature between 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C).

Keep PROTONIX and all medicines out of the reach of children.

This Medication Guide and Instructions for Use has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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Revised: April 2019

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