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PREVNAR 20™ Dosage and Administration (pneumococcal 20-valent conjugate vaccine)


For intramuscular administration only.

2.1 Preparation

Do not mix Prevnar 20 with other vaccines/products in the same syringe.

Step 1. Resuspend drug product
Hold the pre-filled syringe horizontally between the thumb and the forefinger and shake vigorously until the vaccine is a homogeneous white suspension. Do not use the vaccine if it cannot be re-suspended.
Step 2. Visual inspection
Visually inspect the vaccine for large particulate matter and discoloration prior to administration. Do not use if large particulate matter or discoloration is found. If the vaccine is not a homogeneous suspension, repeat Steps 1 and 2.
Step 3. Remove syringe cap
Remove the syringe cap by slowly turning the cap counterclockwise while holding the Luer lock adapter.
Avoid pressing the syringe plunger rod while removing the syringe cap.
Step 4. Attach a sterile needle
Hold the Luer lock adapter and attach a needle appropriate for intramuscular administration to the pre-filled syringe by turning clockwise.

2.2 Administration

For intramuscular injection only.

Each 0.5 mL dose is to be injected intramuscularly using a sterile needle attached to the supplied pre-filled syringe.

2.3 Vaccination Schedule

Prevnar 20 is administered as a single dose.

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