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Dr. Follman serves as the subject matter expert for all Hemophilia and Endocrine -related products and can respond to questions regarding rare diseases by providing clinical and scientific information on this subject. Dr. Follman joined Pfizer in 1993. Dr. Follman has a bachelor’s degree in Neurobiology from the University of Florida, as well as Bachelor’s and Doctorate degrees in Pharmacy from Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Her 20 years of Pfizer Pharmaceutical experience ranges from medical information to regulatory reporting including all areas of patient safety, efficacy and risk management.
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GENOTROPIN (en-us): GENOTROPIN® (somatropin)
SOMAVERT (en-us): SOMAVERT® (pegvisomant)
ELELYSO (en-us): ELELYSO® (taliglucerase alfa)
RAPAMUNE (en-us): RAPAMUNE® (sirolimus)