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Prachi Parmar has over 15 years of pharmaceutical industry experience working in a variety of therapeutic areas and on a broad range of products. Prachi is a trusted subject matter expert and customer focused professional in Medical Information. Currently, her main responsibility is to provide clinical and scientific information on products in the Anti-infectives, Biosimilars, Injectables, and Surgicals space. Prachi is also a current member of the Best Practices Committee on phactMI, representing Pfizer. Prior to joining Pfizer, Prachi worked in Medical Information at Parke-Davis and also as a practicing infusion pharmacist at Neighborcare pharmacy. She received her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy at Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. Prachi also received her Drug Development Certificate (Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs Program) from Temple University, College of Pharmacy in Philadelphia, PA.
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THROMBIN JMI (en-us): THROMBIN-JMI® (thrombin, topical, bovine origin)
GELFOAM (en-us): GELFOAM® (absorbable gelatin sponge, USP)
GELFILM (en-us): GELFILM® (absorbable gelatin film, USP)
ZYVOX (en-us): ZYVOX® (linezolid)
INFLECTRA (en-us): INFLECTRA® (infliximab-dyyb)
GELFOAM (en-us): GELFOAM® DENTAL SPONGE (absorbable gelatin sponge, USP DENTAL)
GELFOAM (en-us): GELFOAM® COMPRESSED SPONGE (absorbable gelatin compressed sponge, USP)
GELFOAM (en-us): GELFOAM® ABSORBABLE GELATIN POWDER (absorbable gelatin powder from absorbable gelatin sponge, USP)