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HEXTEND Dosage and Administration (6% Hetastarch in Lactated Electrolyte Injection)


Dosage for Acute Use in Plasma Volume Expansion

HEXTEND is administered by intravenous infusion only. Total dosage and rate of infusion depend upon the amount of blood or plasma lost and the resultant hemoconcentration as well as age, weight, and clinical condition of the patient.

Adults: The amount usually administered is 500 to 1000 mL. Doses of more than 1500 mL per day for the typical 70 kg patient (approximately 20 mL per kg of body weight) are usually not required although doses of isotonic solutions containing 6% hetastarch up to 1500 mL have been used during major surgery generally without a need for blood or blood products. Volumes in excess of 1500 mL per day have been used where severe blood loss has occurred although generally only in conjunction with the administration of blood and blood products (see WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS).

Pediatric Patients: Adequate, well controlled clinical trials to establish the safety and effectiveness of HEXTEND in pediatric patients have not been conducted (see WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS, Pediatric Use).

General Recommendations

Do not use plastic container in series connection.

If administration is controlled by a pumping device, care must be taken to discontinue pumping action before the container runs dry or air embolism may result.

This solution is intended for intravenous administration using sterile equipment. It is recommended that intravenous administration apparatus be replaced at least once every 24 hours.

Use only if solution is clear and container and seals are intact.

Parenteral drug products should be inspected visually for particulate matter and discoloration prior to administration whenever solution and container permit.

If administration is by pressure infusion, all air should be withdrawn or expelled from the bag through the medication port prior to infusion.

The safety and compatibility of other additives have not been established. This product contains calcium and should not be administered simultaneously with blood through the same administration set because of the likelihood of coagulation (see WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS).

The solution contains no bacteriostat or antimicrobial agent and is intended only for single-dose injection. When smaller doses are required, the unused portion should be discarded.

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