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DEPO-subQ PROVERA 104® (medroxyprogesterone acetate) Instructions For Use

Instructions for Use of depo-subQ provera 104


Please read these instructions carefully. It is very important that the entire dose of depo-subQ provera 104 is given.

Getting ready

Do not refrigerate. Ensure that the medication is at room temperature prior to injection (to ensure appropriate viscosity of the suspension). Make sure the following components are available.


depo-subQ provera 104, as with other parenteral drug products, should be inspected visually for particulate matter and discoloration prior to administration.

Step 1: Choosing & preparing the injection Area
Choose the injection area.
  • Avoid boney areas and the umbilicus
  • The upper thigh or abdomen are preferred injection sites. See shaded areas in diagram. Sites should be rotated with every injection.

Use an alcohol pad to wipe the skin in the injection area you have chosen.
  • Allow the skin to dry
Preferred injection areas:
Upper thigh or abdomen
Step 2: Syringe preparation
Carefully remove the needle and syringe from the packaging.
Hold the syringe firmly by the barrel, with the barrel pointing upward.
  • Shake it vigorously for at least 1 minute to thoroughly mix the medication

Hold the syringe barrel firmly.
  • Remove the protective cap from the tip of the syringe barrel
Shake vigorously for 1 minute
Hold the syringe barrel firmly.
  • Attach the needle to the barrel of the syringe firmly by pushing the plastic needle cover down fully with a slight twisting movement.
  • Move the safety shield away from the needle and toward the syringe barrel. The safety shield will remain in an open 45 to 90 degree position
  • While holding the syringe barrel firmly, remove the plastic needle cover from the needle without twisting, ensuring the needle is still firmly attached to the syringe
  • While holding the syringe with the needle pointing upward, gently push in the plunger until the medicine is up to the top of the syringe. There should be no air within the barrel
Step 3: Injecting the dose
Gently grasp and squeeze a large area of skin in the chosen injection area between the thumb and forefinger, pulling it away from the body. Figure
Insert the needle at a 45 degree angle so that most of the needle is in the fatty tissue.
  • The plastic hub of the needle should be nearly or almost touching the skin
Inject the medication slowly until the syringe is empty.
  • This should take about 5–7 seconds
  • It is important that the entire dose of depo-subQ provera 104 is given
Inject slowly (5–7 seconds)
Step 4: Disposing the needle and syringe
After completing the injection, remove the needle from the skin and activate the safety shield.
Position shield about 40°– 45°. With a firm quick motion, press down against a flat surface until a click is heard or felt.
If uncertain that the safety shield is fully engaged, repeat this step.
Use a clean cotton pad to press lightly on the injection area for a few seconds.
  • Do NOT rub the area
Following the administration of each dose, the used syringe should be discarded in a safe and proper manner.
Keep away from children.

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